sushi and tacos

Past couple of months have been… hm, I was going to write “rough”, but the truth is between me being exceptionally whiny and overly exaggerating stuff, even I would not agree with this description. So let’s just say, it did not feel like the best time to be going to restaurants and even less writing about them.

Anyway, here is a short wrap-up of those few places I have been to.

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dinner at Vic Braseria

I really wish I could say something like “I could not keep up with the blog because my social life / work / personal relationship is so exciting – I had no time to write” – but the truth is I have been doing too much crossfit for the past couple of weeks and even more fooling around.
On the plus side… Well, actually I am not complaining – I quite enjoy crossfit, and I am terrific at doing nothing.

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lunch at Dos Pebrots

Before I started this blog, I had quite a list of restaurants I had to check. The idea was every week to pick one from the list. And then a friend has told me about Dos Pebrots – which, to my shame, never made it to the list. “They use recipes from Ancient Greece and Rome”, – my friend added. She did not even have to mention that they had pig nipples and an entire head of cod on the menu. I booked a table the very same day.

Spoiler alert – no, I did not had the pig nipples in the end. So yes, you can absolutely scroll down.

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lunch at Somodó

A couple of weeks ago I made myself a promise – to limit my alcohol intake to no more than two glasses of wine per week. Doable considering I only drink wine when I dine out – and my current salary permits me to do it no more than twice a week.

Then I come to Somodó for lunch and when I say that I will have the red wine, the waitress brings a whole bottle.

Me: – But I am not waiting for any company.
Waitress: – Oh no, it is fine. Menu includes one bottle per person.
Me: – Well, damn…

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degustation set at Mano Rota

My hobbies include unhealthy amount of crossfit, dining in the restaurants I can not afford, and also pinning new cool places on Google Maps and then… never actually going to any of them. Well, not exactly “never” – but say, Mano Rota has been on my “must visit” list almost since the day I have moved to Barcelona. That is, for over two years. I had to move across the city, take a 40-minute bus ride in excruciating heat – but finally made it there. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Continue reading

lunch at Angle

Ok, so here is the thing – I like to plan stuff. My workouts, when to do the laundry, or grocery shopping. And certainly being kind of obsessed with food, I always plan in advance… well, my meals. What to cook for lunch – or where to eat it.

Yesterday I had on mind to try menú del día in a traditional and simple restaurant. That kind of place where they serve half a jug of wine per person, huge golden paellas, grilled fish, or chunks of meat coated in gravy with a basket of home cut fries on the side. And probably on any other day, I would take it all. Probably I would even ask for dessert and coffee after. Then I might as well moan for the rest of the day of how much I ate – but the truth is, on some days you just want good, hearty food.

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lunch at Sergi de Meià, and what is wrong with spanish restaurants

Some people actually make fun of me because it seems like whenever I dine out – I always eat sushi. Which is sort of true. And while I certainly do like japanese cuisine, the reason my first choice will always be a japanese restaurant has little to do with the food itself, but rather with the quality of customer service in a particular restaurant.
Ask yourself – how many times have you found yourself thinking that while you did enjoy the meal, you don’t feel like coming back to this restaurant. A sharp remark made by one waiter, long wait before you were seated or offered a menu, giggling bartenders while you are still staring at an empty glass of wine – this could be just an unfortunate one-time occasion, which could still ruin your gastronomic experience and diminish restaurant’s chances of getting a new client.

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I am not the one who would judge the restaurant by its interior but even I should admit – from the outside Fukamura does not look particularly inviting. And take away sloppy origami hanging here and there, and maneki-neko (“fortune cat”) poster – and there would be nothing Japanese left in the decor. On the other hand, as soon as we entered the premises, we were greeted by the head chef – Daisuke Fukamura – and his team (altogether there were only 3 of them). And as unpretentious as the design is, the ambiance is certainly welcoming. Continue reading


Cool design, creative cuisine with an emphasis on organic, locally produced ingredients, and lunch menu for as low as 12€ – Leka was really destined to become a favorite among both locals and foreign visitors. And even though the location is not perfect – in-between factories and warehouses of Poblenou, and relatively far from the city center – for lunch the place still gets full fast, so making reservation is not a bad idea.

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raw, vegan and the rest of the good stuff

I have to confess – I like food. Shocking, right? I don’t even mean going to fancy restaurants and hipster cafes. Luckily – or not – I am a good cook myself, so just as much as you’d normally enjoy picture-worthy food laid in front of you on gilded plates, I actually get the weird satisfaction from maneuvering between sizzling pots and pans on my own kitchen. Then again, eating something you have actually worked for brings a completely different range of emotions. Or maybe it is just me, and my ridiculous pride in my culinary skills.

Я должна признаться – я люблю еду. Удивительно, правда? И речь не только о еде в ресторанах – к счастью, или не очень, я сама неплохо готовлю. И точно так же, как большинство людей радуется, когда ужин им приносят на позолоченных блюдах, я получаю какое-то необъяснимое удовольствие, уворачиваясь от  горячего масла, и балансируя с кипящей кастрюлей на моей собственной кухне. И опять же – вкус у еды, приготовленной собственным трудом, совсем другой. Хотя, возможно, это моё личное мнение, и преувеличенное чувство моего кулинарного превосходства.

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