Some of the strongest memories I have back from my childhood are in one way or another related to food and family meals.

I remember waking up to a smell of pancakes – my granddad would get up early in the morning, and bake huge piles of them. My cousin and I would eat them still hot from the pan; dolloped with sour cream and homemade jam.

I remember how we harvested our potatoes, zucchinis and tomatoes of several colors – black as ink, rose, radiant red and yellow. I remember how in summer we gorged on abundant fruits and berries. There were thick clusters of white and red currants, tiny but sweet as honey wild strawberries, sour cherries, dozen varieties of apples, pears and plums. What we did not eat straight away from the branches, would be then canned and preserved until the next harvest season.

I grew up loving and enjoying both food and cooking. Years of traveling have also convinced me that learning culinary traditions of a single country is an essential part of recognizing its cultural identity. 5 years ago I have moved to Spain – a country with enormous culinary heritage and vibrant restaurant scene with Michelin-starred establishments, trendsetting slow food eateries, and gourmet fast-food. I am not a professional writer (although I am a professional cook), and in this blog the only thing I would really like to do, is just to share my favorite spots with fellow foodies and those who are planning to come to Spain and get the best of the country’s dining scene.